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No front
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18.08.2014 - 21:00 - 23:00
No Front Summer Special
1Asking AlexandriaThe Final EpisodeStand Up And Scream (2009)
2Asking AlexandriaThe Final Episode (Borgore Remix)Stepped Up And Scratched (2011)
3Falling In ReverseRaised By WolvesThe Drug In Me Is You (2011)
4ArchitectsThese Colours Don't RunDaybreaker (2012)
5ConfideSuch Great HeightsShout The Truth (2009)
6CrossfaithWe Are The FutureApocalyze (2013)
7Eskimo CallboyMuffin Purper-GurkBury Me In Vegas (2012)
8MesserLügenIm Schwindel (2012)
9DearestElevenDiscovery EP (2013)
10Black Veil BridesKnives And PensWe Stitch These Wounds (2010)
11BlessthefallHiginiaHis Last Walk (2007)
12Northlane1 Genesis + 2 ScarabSingularity (2013)
13The PicturebooksRunning Out Of ProblemsList Of People To Kill (2009)
14NasheimAtt Av Ödets Tradar Väva SorgSolens Vernod (2014) - Album des Monats -
15ProngChamber Of ThoughtRuining Lives (2014) - Concerts -
16Black Space RidersGive Gravitation To The PeopleD:REI (2014) - Concerts -
17Avion RoeWho I AmSingle (2012)
18BrokencydeKandylandBC 13 (2008)
19Escape The FateThis War Is Ours (The Guillotine Part II)This War Is Ours (2008)
20SlipknotSnuffAll Hope Is Gone (2008)
21White LiesDeathTo Lose My Life (2009)
22Miss May IA Dance With Aera CuraApologies Are For The Weak (2009)
23Beyond BrokenSubmergedSingle (2014)
24Invent, AnimateWavesWaves EP (2012)