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No front
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10.05.2021 - 20:00 - 23:00
Aktuelles aus der musikalischen Welt des "Post" und "Core" und irgendwo dazwischen.
1Touché AmoréCome HeroinLament 2020
2Touché AmoréLimelightLament 2020
3The Young HeartsLondonThe Modern State 2021
4Crystal LakeDisobeyWatch Me Burn ep 2020
5BloomDaylightSingle 2020
6Fontaines D.C.I Was Not BornA Hero's Death 2020
7Among Familiar FacesSkinBlank ep 2020
8Life AwaitsCaptivatedFluorescent 2019
9CurrentsOriginThe Way It Ends 2020
10Savage HandsBlueThe Truth In Your Eyes 2020
11ImmerseHere's HopingThe Weight That Holds Me Here 2021
12No HomeSwallowing TeethLiving In Hallways 2019
13No HomeNothing Gold Can StayLiving In Hallways 2019
14Bite DownITrial//Error ep 2020
15Bite DownLostTrial//Error ep 2020
16Death By Dissonance & Das KindSame Hell AgainSingle 2020
17Aliens Ate My SetlistSodomSingle 2020
18Speaking With GhostsWaste AwaySingle 2020
19LysistrataDifferent CreaturesBreathe In/Out 2019
20LysistrataEnd Of The LineBreathe In/Out 2019
21D-Mad Devil & Christian GreyAlready InfectedSingle 2021
22SeeYouSpaceCowboyPainting A Clear Picture From A Unreliable NarratorA Clear Picture From A Unreliable Narrator ep 2021
23SeeYouSpaceCowboyBloodstainedeyesA Clear Picture From A Unreliable Narrator ep 2021
24If I Die FirstMy Nightmares Would Do Numbers As Horror MoviesSingle 2021
25If I Die FirstIs It Me Or Your Secrets That Keep You Up At NightMy Poison Arms ep 2020
26BeckoThe PhoenixThe Phoenix ep 2021
27BeckoOtaku PrideThe Phoenix ep 2021
28Dead EchoViolenceSingle 2021
29ShinigamiNetherrealmOccam's Razor 2017
30ColdCellOpen WoundThe Greater Evil 2021 > Album des Monats
31Cold CellArmoured In PrideThe Greater Evil 2021 > Album des Monats
32GraupelFade AwaySingle 2020
33MisplacedffsSingle 2021
34ten56.DiazepamSingle 2021
35MorphiendDopamineSingle 2020
36DefocusCommon GraveDiverge ep 2021
37DefocusDivergeDiverge ep 2021
38Fit For A KingStockholmTrilogy/Stockholm Split ep w/ Silent Planet
39PridelandsHeavy TongueSingle 2021
40Marked;LifeLose SomeoneSingle 2021
41SunspearConsumerSingle 2021