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No front
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13.09.2021 - 20:00 - 23:00
"No Front" Post Summer Holidays Edition 2021
1Crunkasaurus RexSayonaraSayonara ep 2015 -pre Intro-
2Pianos Become The TeethPensiveOld Pride 2010 - Intro -
3Duck Duck GooseCosmic Kidd NappersOff Yourself 2010
4DiesectBury YouSingle 2021
5Marzy MaddoxThe WitchCopper Oaks 2021
6Hollywood Undead, Tech N9neIdol (feat Tech N9ne)New Empire, Vol: 2 2020
7ExitWoundsPulling TeethHeaven Is Empty (Hell Is In My Mind) ep 2021
8Forgetting The MemoriesMask Ov LiesA Voice In The Static ep 2021
9Sal3m, Quentin GodetBlood StainsSingle 2021
10NorthlaneClockworkSingle 2021
11Sink With MeNOCTYDSingle 2021
12LevelsEonSingle 2021
13BinaryE-Boy Meets WorldSay Your Prayers No One Cares ep 2019
14BinaryOne Thing About Hell Is The Echo Is FabulousSay Your Prayers No One Cares ep 2021
15BinaryNew Year No MeFall From Grace Face Down ep 2020
16BinaryBlood Is The New FashionFall From Grace Face Down ep 2020
17BinaryCare (Before Summer Swallowed Us)Fall From Grace Face Down ep 2020
18Destroy Planets!Burn In HellSingle 2020
19Golden MangoTear It UpTrip ep 2019
20Golden MangoTripTrip ep 2019
21OjneTrediciPrima Che Tutto Bruci 2017
22TwinsBathroomSoon 2020
23TwinsMapsSoon 2020
24BailerGateway DrugSingle 2021
25Remnants Of The Fallen (feat. Kyuho Esprit of Madmans Esprit)HelAll The Wounded And Broken 2020
26Sleep WakerAliasAlias 2021
27KangAnhedoniaThe Nexus ep 2021
28MugshotHate SpeechEmpty Heaven ep 2021
29Ghost ComplexDeadbeatDark Matter ep 2021
30Ghost ComplexHypnosisDark Matter ep 2021
31Ghost ComplexApathyDark Matter ep 2021
32WarsExileSingle 2021
33MajinBinary IncantationSingle 2021
34No Eye Has SeenVoyagerSingle 2021
35P.S.You'reDeadHere I Am In Feudal Japan Playing Duck Duck Goose With An 8 Foot TrollSingle 2021
36MikauAt The Edge Of Fading ConsciousnessRazor x Blade ep 2021
37MikauDOS Ex MachinaRazor x Blade ep 2021
38Invent AnimateThe Sun SleepsSingle 2021
39Dream DropWe Will Go DownSometimes You're Gonna Fell Like A Loser But That's Alright 2021
40CrossfaithSlave Of ChaosSingle 2021
41Christian GreyBeauty Of AnnihilationSingle 2021
42StasisFar From YouA Garden For All To See ep 2020
43Secret Keeper, Kyle MedinaLuxury FuneralsSingle 2021
44AvoidHostAge At A BeAch House PArtySingle 2021
45Pianos Become The TeethI'll Get ByThe Lack Long After 2012 -Outro-