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No front
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15.05.2023 - 20:00 - 23:00
Auch heute wieder Anti-Kriegs-Lieder und die Platte des Monats
1ProngBroken PeaceCleansing
2KreatorCrush the TyrantsHate über Alles
4HypocrisySoldier of FortuneEnd of Disclosure
5SlipknotAll hope is goneAll hope is gone
6SlayerChemical WarfareLive Undead / Haunting the Chapel
7SlayerGhosts of WarSouth of Heaven
8SlayerWar EnsembleSeasons in the Abyss
9SlayerDissident Aggressor (Judas Priest Cover)South of Heaven
10SlayerMandatory SuicideSouth of Heaven
11Iced EarthWaterlooThe glorious Burden
12Iced EarthThe Devil to payThe glorious Burden
13The OffspringHassan ChopLet the bad Times roll
14Stiff Little FingersBloody SundayNobody's Heroes
15The ExploitedWarDead Cities
16The ExploitedDogs of WarDead Cities
17The ExploitedAttackThe Singles
18The ExploitedHitler's in the Charts againAnthology of the Exploited
19The ExploitedWar now (Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1993)Live in Japan & Argentina
20The ExploitedWarhead (Live at Carlisle City Hall, 1983)Live at the Palm Cove
21The ExploitedPropagandaHorror Epics
22The ExploitedMaggieHorror Epics
23DodheimsgardInterstellar NexusBlack Medium Current (Platte des Monats)
24DodheimsgardIt does not followBlack Medium Current (Platte des Monats)
25Test Dept.EmpireProven in Action (Live)
26Test Dept.TerritoryProven in Action (Live)
27The MonkeesWar GamesMissing Links
28The KinksYes Sir, No SirArthur or the Decline and Fall of the Empire
29The KinksMr. Churchill saysArthur or the Decline and Fall of the Empire
30Peter FramptonThank you Mr. ChurchillThank you Mr. Churchill