10.09.2022 02:00 Uhr Claim the Waves (8.-11.09.22, eingestellt)

The Edge is Near

Halle-based DJ BIRCH is a passionate music collector, DJ, and curator as part of the crews Feat. Fem and djversity.
Her music is a diverse mixture between trippy rhythms, melodic and more abrasive timbres, spiraling synth patterns and bleak basslines.
Being influenced by her feminist crews, by own frustrations as well as by her work as an AI Ethicist, she often integrates compositions that question social conventions or that point out societal and technological problems. She also integrates music that is underlining the miracles of life and nature. This is important to her as a means of retreat and to create some distance from this goddamn melancholé.
You can expect to float through joyfully gentle spheres, to be caught by mesmerizing synth harmonies and drum rhythms and then be led by massive bassline sucker-punchs. Enjoy the ride between 70 and 130 BPM

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